Writing is rewriting.

Hey folks! Thanks for coming along with me on my journey. It’s going to be a long, hard road, but it’ll be worth it. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to click the “Subscribe” button to get updates!

Things Change

Hey folks! I have a quick announcement about this blog: Whereas the old site was mainly oriented around video game reviews, critique, and commentary, the new site will be about writing fiction.

On Writer’s Block

Like so many people, I’m blessed with ideas for creation, cursed with a distinct inability to create.


Transistor might have become an indie masterpiece if not for its distant, disconnected storytelling.


CounterSpy is a beautiful, fun, and only slightly flawed gem of an indie game that successfully blends cold war espionage, stealth action, gorgeous graphic design and awesome music.

Blasphemous Rumors 2

BioShock Infinite is a video game that says more about personal choice than it does about faith or Christianity.

Blasphemous Rumors 1

What will BioShock Infinite say about faith and Christianity?


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