Streaming Schedule

Hey folks! I do live streams three days a week on an alternating schedule. This means that one week I stream on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while the next week I stream on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Most streams will start around 7PM PST (that’s my goal, anyway). The one exception is “Short Story Saturday”, which start at 11 AM PST.

Stream days and times are subject to change on a daily basis, I’m afraid. My life makes it nearly impossible to keep a rigid schedule. Your best bet is to subscribe/follow me on YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter to get notified when the streams start.

1Book Beginnings

Writing Sprints
Book Beginnings

Writing Sprints
Short Story Saturday
(11 AM PST)
2Book Beginnings

Writing Sprints
Book Beginnings

Writing Sprints
Folklore Friday

Writing Sprints

You can see the schedule for my upcoming streams at the bottom of this page.

So What’s On the Streams?

Book Beginnings” are sessions where I read the first page or two of a book. I usually use a site called, which makes sort of a fun game out of it by hiding the title and author until I click the “reveal” button. This has been a really fun way to sample lots of books and warm up my brain for writing. I usually end by reading a brief excerpt from a book I’d like to recommend to folks.

Writing Sprints” are just that: We write for twenty minutes, then take five or so minutes to chat, stretch, hydrate, etc. Lather, rinse repeat.

On “Folklore Fridays” I read stories from folklore. My goal is to find and read as many stories as I can from all over the world.

On “Short Story Saturdays“, I use a sort of writing prompt I devised and, working in twenty minute sprints, do my best to finish a short story draft from start to finish.

Hope to see you there!

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