Things Change

Hey folks! I have a quick announcement about this blog. Which, admittedly, might seem a little “out of the blue” considering it’s been five seven years since my last post.

Over the course of the next few weeks years, I’m going to be revamping the site. I’m changing the design and layout, but there’s also going to be a big shift in subject matter.

Whereas the old site was mainly oriented around video game reviews, critique, and commentary, the new site will be about writing fiction. That covers a lot of ground, and I think there will be something to enjoy for avid readers, writers, and other creative folks alike.

I enjoyed writing about games. I’m proud of what I produced. Digging deep into game critique and analysis taught me a lot about storytelling, art, and a host of other topics. It was a deeply introspective time for me, and I hope you found something worthwhile in what I wrote.

And, for what its worth, I still love games, even if they don’t sit front and center in my free time anymore. I imagine I’ll still post on games now and then (Kentucky Route Zero and The Last of Us II come to mind). I also stream pretty regularly under the name “Ten Ton Noggin”. Come find me on Twitch and YouTube if you want to chat or just hang out!

Things are likely to get messy around here during the transition. The free(ish) version of WordPress doesn’t provide good tools for staging new, incomplete designs prior to release. I hope you’ll pardon the clutter during the rebuild.

Thanks for your support!


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